Zen Do Kai

Zen Do Kai is a freestyle martial art system which originated in Australia by Bob Jones and Richard Norton. Zen Do Kai means, according to Jones, “the best of everything in progression. and its elements include self-defence moves, Kata, and strike work. It is set apart from many forms of traditional karate because it allows many techniques and practices used by Thai kickboxing. The Zen Do Kai philosophy encompasses the principle of “if it works, use it” and as such contains elements of a variety of other martial arts.

Zen Do Kai uses kata as a form of discipline during training. These kata have been selected for the aid in rudimentary development of stances and techniques. Most of the katas derive from traditional Okinawan styles of karate, reflecting Jones’ background in the 1960s.
Zen Do Kai also places a large emphasis on grabs and holds and other general close combat and ground fighting techniques.

Shane is a fourth degree black belt in a style that offers an even balance of discipline and fun. An hour long class teaching all children ranging from ages 5 to 13 the fundamentals of Martial Arts, respect in the dojo (fitness studio), respect to high ranks, punch combinations, kick combinations and freestyle martial arts.

Expel energy in a rewarding and fun way.

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  • ZEN DO KAI 5yrs to 10yrs

  • ZEN DO KAI 11yrs to 15yrs

  • ZEN DO KAI 16yrs to Adults


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