Price List


The duration of these clips are 30 minutes long

A weekly fee of $12.50 to have access to these groups is required. If you have a family of three, or the two of you, or all four of you, it’s still just $12.50 per week. This is something that can easily be a part of your home living and school routine. Keeping up practice and still advancing with skills, that we will get to in class when we return.



Casual Fee $20 per class

3yrs to 15yrs

Unlimited classes $60 per month

Unlimited classes $330 per 6 months

Unlimited classes $660 per 12 months

16yrs & Older

Unlimited classes $100 per month

Unlimited classes $550 per 6 months

Unlimited classes $1100 per 12 months

Annual Martial Arts Membership $100 due 3wks from start date

Come and have a go… First Week FREE!